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The Secret Sub

I have a dirty little secret. A secret that I keep from my wife, my accountant, my secretary, even my best friend. On the surface, I am like any other highly successful businessman. I am a partner in a huge Manhattan law firm. I have a beautiful wife who is also highly successful in her field. We have homes in Los Angeles, and London and a villa on the French Riviera. I guess you might say we’re pretty well off. Despite having all that I’ve ever thought I wanted, I have a secret that means more to me than almost anything else.

I have a Mistress. A Mistress that controls my cock in almost every way. I say almost because I have an agreement with her that I can fuck my wife when she’s around. However, my wife is usually on the other side of the world working. So my Mistress controls my cock most of the time.

Why Am I Submissive?

You may be asking why is such a rich and powerful man like me a “secret submissive?” Well, I’ll tell you. I am a secret sub because I can be. See, my life is filled with people who are paid to make me happy. I have been known to lose my cool and throw things if my coffee isn’t the way I like it. My colleagues laugh nervously and say that I’m high strung. Bullshit. I’m really just used to getting what I want when I want it. I feel I’ve earned the right to have things my way and I will tell anyone who calls me on it to kiss my ass. I know that I’m the best at what I do and cannot be replaced. Because of me the money keeps rolling in, so I can be an asshole.

I Need Someone to Control Me

My Mistress doesn’t listen to my shit. She is the only person in my life who is paid not to do things my way. Sometimes when she teases me and my cock is screaming hard, I respectfully request that she allow me to stroke or even fuck her. Her answer is usually a sultry laugh and a bored “Are you kidding me? I would never let you fuck me, slave.” Then she makes me lick her feet as punishment. In my daily life, anyone that denied a request of mine better have a good retirement plan because they are done at my firm. But I love with my Mistress denies me and then puts me in my place. She tells me when I can touch my cock, if I can stroke and when I can stroke. If I forget to properly address and worship her, she will make sure that I am punished.

Femdom Mistresses Currently Available

We rarely meet in public unless she wishes me to service her and her friends at private parties. I have rented a small set of rooms where we meet. I have offered to set her up anywhere in the world. She said that would give me too much power. I have begged her to meet me in faraway cities for sessions, but she refused and said that that was why phones were so popular. So I have no choice but to call her from some five star hotel with my cock in my hand.

Whatever She Wants is What I Need

As I said, I do occasionally attend parties as her slave, there only to serve her and her guests. I am always dressed appropriately, in a slutty French maid’s uniform and leather mask to conceal my identity. All of her guest attend the gathering in this manner, so there are no true identities known. She always makes me suck cock, and I have no idea who the cock I’m so gratefully sucking belongs to. It always terrifies me that I might me have the senior partner’s cock half way down my throat, or worse that fucking accounting department jerk’s come running down my chin.

My Mistress doesn’t care if I am the boss at work. She just wants me to be a good slave. When it is all over, she says that I have pleased her and I can stroke in front of everyone as a reward or I have displeased her and she puts me in chastity and makes me show off my cock cage. My Mistress is wonderful. She has given my life a whole new exciting feeling of expectation. I never no what she has planned from one moment to the next. And that, my friends, is what makes it all worth it.

Femdom Mistresses Currently Available