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Interview With an American FemDom

American Mistresses are all different, we have our own plans and ways we like things done and as you can see we come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We all know take being a FemDom very seriously and will expect you to do the same, after all this is a lifestyle you are entering into. Be it as a submissive looking for sensual control or someone ready to delve into some serious BDSM, we are here to guide you and control the direction of your learning, but we’re also willing to teach those of you who are new to the scene. There are general etiquette rules to observe and things to learn, but as you’ll be able to see from the interview below, you really need to get to know your Mistress. A friend of mine is a hot Lifestyle Domme and she agreed to answer a few questions for you, to show you that we aren’t a stereotype any more than you are. We are all different and you are in for an unique experience no matter which FemDom you choose.

1. What should your submissive call You?

Mistress D: As a rule, I prefer the term Ma’am. I find it doesn’t tread on anyone’s toes insofar as their personal preferences, doesn’t offend anyone else’s rules for their own submissive and still conveys the respect a submissive shows a true FemDom. This applies to my own submissives as well as submissives who have the occasion to speak with me that may belong to another Dominant.

2. What is the most important rule a submissive should follow

Mistress D: Obedience is the more popular answer of course. But I find that most submissives ignore the most basic rule of all … which is to trust themselves. A submissive is a treasure to be cherished and treated with respect at all times. Too many times I have seen a submissive put themselves into a bad situation because they didn’t trust what their gut was telling them, and that is the worst offense a submissive can commit. Regardless of what any Dominant tells you, you know what is best for yourself … so listen!

3. How did you become a Mistress?

Mistress D: I was just an incredibly horny 20-something who fell in with the right crowd at the right time.

4. How should a submissive approach you?

Mistress D: Respectfully. Understand that I will always respond in kind … if I am approached with respect, I will offer my own in return. If you come to me like a sniveling, whining brat, you will find yourself dismissed before you can say “Ma’am”

5. Do you like many slaves or just one? Do you rank them if you have many?

Mistress D: I prefer a one to one ratio of Dominant to slave when dealing with my own house. Of course, I have many slaves that I play with whenever we meet up but I have only 1 slave that is a part of my life on a more permanent basis.

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6. How can you control a man by phone?

Mistress D: 99% of any D/s relationship is mental and emotional. A slave that wants to be controlled is easily controlled using any methods available. If you truly submit, it doesn’t matter HOW you submit.

7. How do you decide what each slave must do?

Mistress D: Each slave has a talent. A gift, so to speak. I look for what they are good at and I encourage those talents and nurture their abilities.

8. Do you give out assignments?

Mistress D: Rarely. If I want something done, I expect it to be done. I don’t find any value in assigning a task to a slave simply for the sake of making sure he does it.

9. What is the one thing that you NEVER allow?

Mistress D: I never allow my slaves to attend me in my bedroom, nor do I make demands of them while they are in theirs. Every relationship I have ever known, be it D/s or vanilla, does far better when there is a separation of partners to allow them time to be themselves.

10. What is the one thing you ALWAYS require?

Mistress D: I always expect my slaves to show respect to anyone that is worthy of it … and to assume that anyone is worthy of respect until they show otherwise.

Surprised? Excited? Ready to meet your ownFemDom Mistress? I know you are!

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