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Are Women Superior to Men?

Of course! Though you knew that was going to be the answer I gave didn’t you? You should have! A woman would have already known. *giggle* This is really one of those age old questions that people bring up again and again. In the war of the sexes who is superior, who is smarter, more controlling, better at well anything you care to name? It all depends on perspective some say, others believe that whatever sex you are is the one you’ll think is superior, but that’s not true at all. After all you are man and you know that we women are far superior to you.

We Are In Control of Your Cock

There are so many ways that women are superior to men, but one of the most obvious is control. Oh not just control of your cock and making it our own! Though we do control that! We are in control of everything but most notably ourselves. Where in comparison you are barely able to control even that! Honestly, what woman can’t decide that she’s just not going to let herself be seduced and therefore not be? We all know how to just think of something else or basically just decide we aren’t interested and then we won’t be! You guys don’t have any control of your cock, which is why you end up for you.

Ask any woman how often she masturbates and its far far less than any man. Why? Not because you like sex more than we do. Not because we aren’t as passionate or full of desire as you are. Oh no. It’s because we can control ourselves. You don’t hear about women caught masturbating in the bathroom at work because a hot new intern smiled at her. That’s something you guys do! A younger woman in a tight sweater walks past you and her breast brushes against you and what happens? Your cock gets hard. Then you get distracted. You can’t finish a sentence or even a thought. You start wondering what it would be like to see her naked or fuck her and soon you can’t even work so you have to rush to the bathroom and stroke your cock. Get yourself off thinking of her, so you can chill out and get something done for the day. Or maybe you run to your office, lock the door and call your hot younger Mistress to tell her about this woman and how bad you want her to come in and bend over your desk. Either way, you are out of control and in need of a Superior Woman to help you.

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We Aren’t Distracted by Boobs

So cock control, that is one way we are superior. There is also focus, we can stay on task, be it controlling your cock, finding new and inventive ways to humiliate you or just teasing you mercilessly, we don’t ever forget what we set out to do! Have you ever once meet a cock tease princess who started out teasing you and then got hot herself and decided she just had to have you right then and there? *giggle* No you haven’t and you never will. Of course that may be your dream that it will happen and you are free to keep hoping but it won’t. Hey, maybe you know of a Domination Mistress, one of the hard core Chastity Mistresses who can be downright mean, who sometimes forgets what punishment she was about to dole out because she gets you naked and gets distracted! No, you don’t know one of those either do you? Because women are not like men. You can’t make us lose focus like we do with you. All a woman has to do is flash those boobs and you forget what you were about to do. We on the other hand, stay the course, unless we have decided we are bored with said course and choose to switch up. Either way, we are always in control of it!

Women really in the end are superior to men in all ways. Sure according to some people you make more money than us or have better jobs, but that’s not true. That just means you work harder to make money for us. You buy us clothes and jewelry and pay the bills and we do what we want! So who is the most superior? Say it with me now. Women are superior to men. That’s right! Now next time you speak to your Mistress you can tell her what you’ve learned and maybe you’ll get something special. Or not.

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