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I’ve always wanted a femdom, but was never able to interact with one for a variety of reasons. First, when I was in college, it was too expensive. I got a good job but in a rural area so then I couldn’t find one in my location. Then I moved to the big city and was given a prestigious position in a Fortune 500 company and was too scared of people that I knew finding out that I was into BDSM to even look for a suitable femdom. Continue reading Discovering Phone Sex Femdoms.

Bondage is not as black and white as it may at first seem. There are various shades of gray in even something so seemingly simple. After all we are all different and not everyone is excited by the same kinds of things. Bondage can be a few different things, chained to a wall, all wrapped up or maybe just caught up. Read more about it in What is Bondage?

In the war of the sexes who is superior, who is smarter, more controlling, better at well anything you care to name? It all depends on perspective some say, others believe that whatever sex you are is the one you’ll think is superior, but that’s not true at all. After all you are man and you know that we women are far superior to you. Read more about Why Women are the Superior Species.

There are rules within every relationship. This is especially true of femdom relationships. If you wish to be in a femdom relationship, you should read Ms. Christine's 10 Rules in a Femdom Relationship.

I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that what he said was true only because I had helped him put on the stainless steel chastity device four weeks ago, the morning I had left for the airport. I had picked out the heart shaped padlock I snapped into place, ensuring that he would remain totally mine while I was away. I had told him I had to know that there would be no more thoughts of fucking his secretary behind my back, even in his dreams. Read more about the Mistress who owns her British lover's cock.

I have a dirty little secret. A secret that I keep from my wife, my accountant, my secretary, even my best friend. On the surface, I am like any other highly successful businessman. I am a partner in a huge Manhattan law firm. I have a beautiful wife who is also highly successful in her field. We have homes in Los Angeles, and London and a villa on the French Riviera. I guess you might say we’re pretty well off. Despite having all that I’ve ever thought I wanted, I have a secret that means more to me than almost anything else. I am a secret submissive.

So, you stumbled upon our amazing sites and spent some time looking around at the many gorgeous women. You know who you like, though you aren’t sure what to say, after all this is your first time and you aren’t sure what a Mistress is, let alone what she does! Of course, you don’t want to just ask someone, so here you are and I’m going to help you. Now tell me, when you hear the word Mistress, what do you think of? A woman who is kept by a married man? Oh no! We are not that kind of Mistress at all! We are the kind of women who control everything you do with your cock, actually with our cock. Read more about what a Mistress is and what she does.

BDSM is a community of people, each having their place with no two places exactly the same. While it can be, and often is, broken down into two basic categories there are many positions under each which like any community are varied and vast. Dom or Sub. Those are the basics, but what about Submissive or Slave? Do you know the difference? Is there one? Yes, of course there is, in fact the difference is clear once you have seen both. Continue reading What is the Difference between a Slave and a Submissive?

For those of you who have never experienced phone sex with American Mistresses, it may be tempting to think that it's no big deal. That line of thinking, however, would be a mistake. Read why in What's Different about an American Mistress?

If you've done research at all into the world of BDSM, you've probably been confronted with a number of terms from a number of quarters that you may or may not be familiar with. This guide seeks to educate people, both newcomers and experienced alike, on the meanings of many of these words. Read all about them in The Labels of BDSM.

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Masturbating is fun and exciting, for everyone honestly. But you can’t just sit and play with that prick all the time. After all you are a man, so your control, once you have your hand on your cock, is seriously lacking most of the time. A masturbatrix knows that and will make sure you get a good grip, so to speak, on your stroking. Read more about Why you Need a Masturbatrix.

My Mistress demands that I perform my duties as her slave without whining or complaining. Most of the time, I do as I’m told and say nothing. When I manage this, my Mistress is pleased with me and I’m rewarded. This is precisely the way I like it, because for me, Her Pleasure is my Pleasure.

We all have limits and boundaries in our lives. We’re surrounded by them. Laws and rules, things that we set and those other people set for us. These alter every aspect of our lives and guide us down the path we decide to take in our lives. In the BDSM community, setting your limits and boundaries is very important. The relationship you enter in to when you declare yourself submissive to a Dominant partner, is a power exchange that requires trust and honesty, on the part of the Mistress and on your part as the submissive. Read more about Limits and Boundaries.

You’ve heard the word before, or maybe you haven’t, but what does it mean? Is it something that belongs in a Sci Fi Fetish? Something about zero gravity and space ships? Or maybe you’re a Trekkie and you know for certain it’s a term used to describe moving faster than the speed of light. Hey it’s true! It’s also true that if you remember Algebra class you’ve heard this term, but that’s not sexy at all is it? It’s also not a video game or a song - Well it is, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. So what is subspace in the BDSM world? To find out, read What is Subspace?

American Mistresses are all different, we have our own plans and ways we like things done and as you can see we come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We all know take being a FemDom very seriously and will expect you to do the same, after all this is a lifestyle you are entering into. Be it as a submissive looking for sensual control or someone ready to delve into some serious BDSM, we are here to guide you and control the direction of your learning, but we’re also willing to teach those of you who are new to the scene. There are general etiquette rules to observe and things to learn, but as you’ll be able to see from this Interview with an American Femdom.