All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+

My Discovery of Femdoms by Phone

I’ve always wanted a femdom, but was never able to interact with one for a variety of reasons. First, when I was in college, it was too expensive. I got a good job but in a rural area so then I couldn’t find one in my location. Then I moved to the big city and was given a prestigious position in a Fortune 500 company and was too scared of people that I knew finding out that I was into BDSM to even look for a suitable femdom.

This went on for several more years. Finally, I decided that my need for a femdom was great so I began looking for ones out of town. I found a beautiful Domme who was willing to keep quiet about our relationship and could handle the changes in my hectic schedule. Of course I also compensated her well for her time and never, ever assumed that I could just pop in on her with no warning. This was the first real experience I had with a femdom and I loved it. This gorgeous woman quickly became one of the most important people to me. She taught me how to be a good sub and what was expected in a D/s relationship. I wanted to become a contracted slave for her but we both decided that I didn’t have sufficient time to serve her properly. Although I wasn’t able to have the intensity that being a slave requires, my time with her was a source of great satisfaction to me.

Where Do I Go From Here

During our time together, she told me that she had also been a femdom by phone in the past. She just mentioned it in passing as we were cleaning up after a role playing session. She didn’t say much other than she loved her time being a femdom by phone and that I should give it a try some time. During my time with her I also discovered anonymous message boards online where BDSM and fetishes could be discussed with others in safety.

Femdom Mistresses Currently Available

It was on such a board that I found out about the Mistresses at LDW. I was complaining about my long distance Domme situation to an online acquaintance of mine who is also into BDSM. He told me that he had a similar need for discretion and then told me that I should try to get a femdom by phone. I told him that I heard that relationships with femdoms by phone could be very successful. I told him to tell me all about it and he was happy to give me all the information. Then he went on to tell me about his fulfilling interactions with a femdom phone sex company called LDW. I went online and found the company’s main website. It was great! I found myself looking through the many web pages endlessly, trying to decide which femdom by phone I should call first. I was so excited that couldn’t decide and I wasn’t really sure how to approach a femdom by phone Mistress. I told my Domme that I was considering calling LDW and needed her permission and her guidance in choosing a femdom by phone. She was in the process of relocation and was more than happy to help me with my task. I went to her house and we viewed the bio pages for each of the Mistresses together. I didn’t sit beside her of course. I sat at her feet and looked up at the computer screen. We listened to audios of each Mistress and I respectfully answered her questions. She told me who to choose because she seemed to best fill my needs. So my first call to an LDW femdom by phone Mistress was in fact an “arranged marriage!”

A Perfect Fit

I have to say that she did choose well. Because of the nature of the communication between a femdom by phone and her sub, I was able to become a full fledged slave. I am very happy with my LDW Mistress. I call her as often as my career and personal life allow. I don’t let those two things get in the way of my sub relationship with my Domme because it is too important to me. Also, she deserves whatever time and money I have to give beyond work and mandatory family duties. I would recommend the services of the Mistresses at LDW who feels the need to have femdom controlling their cock. Believe me; you won’t be disappointed in what you find there.

Femdom Mistresses Currently Available