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What is domination?

For some, instant thoughts of whippings by leather clad Mistresses come to mind. And while this may be a part of domination, there is a deeper, sensual part as well. Here at Femdom By Phone, we help you explore your submissive side through phone sex training sessions. These sessions will guide you towards becoming a better sub. Our Mistresses are respectful of your limits but will always help you to push the boundaries so that you can discover the true pleasure that comes with submitting yourself to another.

Why Submissive?

If you are new to submission, you may be questioning why you have this need to have someone else in charge. Submissiveness is a common fantasy for many men and one that is not to be ashamed of. Relinquishing control to another is a highly trusting and erotic act; one that can increase your pleasure immensely. It is important it understand too that submission for some means something entirely different for others. So whether you have a foot and boot fetish, a desire to be a domestic slave or even a giantess fantasy, we can accommodate you without judgment and fear of reprisal.