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BDSM, Bondage, & Captivity from the Femdom Perspective

by Femdom Mistress Ryan of

As most of you know, the abbreviation "BDSM" is a multi-acronym. It stands for "Bondage & Discipline," "Domination & Submission," "Sadism & Masochism," and sometimes some other things as well, depending on who you ask.

I think it's no coincidence that the "B" is the very first letter in the acronym, since a large number of people who engage in BDSM try out bondage to begin with. It can be a very gentle entry into the world of kink when done well, and it's also the sort of thing that one can try with a fairly vanilla partner without having to worry about upsetting anyone.

Types of Bondage

Some people who try out bondage like this may go on to become certified rope bunnies. Others may just view it as a means to an end (i.e., being bound is just the beginning of a scene for them). Others still may not try it and decide they don't like it all, even though they may enjoy other aspects of kink. There's no wrong way to do it, after all.

For my part, I find that I enjoy bondage very much. It can be something as simple as tying a man's hands together in front of him and leaving them there while the two of us attend to other matters, or it can be something as complex as shibari, total immobilization, and/or suspension bondage.

But of course, bondage doesn't just involve rope, either. Most people are familiar with "standard" bondage equipment, such as chains, cuffs, plastic wrap, zip ties, and so forth. But those are hardly the only things a Femdom can use to bind her slave.

A Collar as Bondage

You see, my definition of "bondage" is considerably wider and more flexible than many people's. In my world, "bondage" doesn't just equal being tied. I consider just putting a collar on a sub a type of bondage...albeit a very simple one. Even if I don't attach a leash to it and physically tie said sub, just the knowledge that I could do so and the feeling of the collar around his neck is enough to make him alter his usual behavior.

More severe things like cages also count as bondage, even if you're not actually tied up when you're inside them. If having your movement restricted is your kink, you can't get much more restricted than being locked up in a cage and kept in captivity, after all!

Chastity as Bondage

Similarly, I think even male chastity devices are a form of bondage. They restrict your movement in the sense that you can't touch yourself the way that you normally might, so they definitely count as "bondage." Even wearing a pair of women's underwear underneath your "regular" clothing can be a form of bondage if it makes you move more carefully during the day to make sure no one catches a peek....

I could think of many more examples, but I think I'd rather ask you what you think instead. Can you think of some other forms of bondage? And did any of those pique your interest in being "bound" in various ways?