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Female Domination. Women in Control. It's not a new concept. Women have always been in control- it's just that men don't usually see it. It's usually a subtle control designed to make the men think they are in charge, so as not to bruise their fragile egos. The difference here is that there is no delusion about who is really in control.

Many are surprised by my sensual voice and down-to-earth personality, but I make no bones about being a dominant woman who enjoys controlling submissive men. I enjoy using my firm, sexy body to tease and torment you, working you into a frenzy, and then breaking you down until you are like putty in my hands, ready to be molded and shaped into the well-behaved adoring pet I desire you to be.

I am sensual but firm- meaning I don't yell and scream- but I do expect to be obeyed and will use whatever means necessary to ensure that result. Whether it be orgasm denial and chastity, humiliation, feminization, spanking, or any other method I see fit, you will learn one thing for certain. You exist to serve me. To entertain me. To amuse me.

Are you worried you don't have what it takes? That I'll easily tire of you and your boring ways? No need to worry. You see, that's why I'm in charge. I know what I want and what I like and will train you to be just that.

I am Goddess Sophia, Phone Femdom. Sexy. Dominant. In control.





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+