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Come down to the dark place I like to call My home My sweet. I promise I won't hurt you very much. I love My American men, but there's something sort of special about luring British men down to My hellish pit. I love taking away your freedom by restraining your body. Once you are restrained My pet, you are mine for the taking.

Don't be afraid sweetie; I would never harm you permanently. I only want to take away your sense of control for a bit and transport you to a new realm of existence. I LOVE to role-play. It excites Me like nothing else in the world to take you to the places I've been. I want you to feel the excitement when I talk about the play parties I've been to and how much I truly love and adore showing you off to complete strangers.

Can you just imagine what that would be like to be lead around on a leather leash to men and women that watch you like you are the dessert? I can take you there. Or perhaps you would rather when it's just the two of us. When we are alone together, then nothing else matters but two consenting adults. It won't matter if I am spanking you, getting you to suck a cock for Me, or just using your body to My whim's delight. All that matters is that you obey Me and serve Me as I see fit.

Good boy.

You will learn to LOVE those words.

It will not matter if you are licking Me while I read a book or if I am seducing you to suck a cock. You will ache to please Me. Don't think you can take a strap on? That's OK; there are Many levels of servitude in My book. We can find out what your limitations are and then move really slow but eventually you will give into Me ... *Completely.*

They always do.





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+