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Being submissive means giving up control of your pleasure to someone else. To be submissive to a Mistress like me adds an element of pure sexual desire.

I am the Mistress you've been looking for. You see, you don't want to submit to just anyone, you want to feel that added sting of being submissive to a hot, young princess like myself, don't you? Knowing that you have to bow in submission to a brat like me turns you on.

My looks fool many but it only takes a few words out of my mouth to show you who's boss. There's nothing I like better than taking downtrodden wankers and transforming them into good little subs.

You want to be one of my good little subs don't you?

I'm sure you've had a submissive fantasy or two and perhaps even ventured into the world of dominance and submission. No doubt you have fantasies that you have kept hidden, thoughts of serving your mistress and having her control your cock.

These sexual desires will be hidden no more.

I will show you what true domination is all about. I won't just control your cock but your mind as well. And I will do it with a giggle and a smile.

I am definitely a sex tease and I'm going to toy with you and your cock all day long. And you will be begging me for more.

Yes, I think it's time you learned how to be a proper sub with a sexy domme like me. Are you up for the challenge?





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+