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Have you been looking at my photos online while stroking your cock? Now tell me; what makes you think that's ok with me? Did you bother to ask? Those photos are there to tempt and to tease you; to put phone sex on your mind. Not to satisfy your cock! From here on out; you and your cock belong to me. I am going to take both of them completely over. You're not used to submitting to a dominant woman like me are you? Right now you're hoping that I'm joking don't you? You think I'm just pretending.

You couldn't be more wrong.

I am very serious about this. I am a fem Domme and I get off on controlling men and their pricks! Using just my photos, my writing, and my voice. I seduce, manipulate, and ultimately have complete control over you with those tools! That is why you're here after all. To find a woman that has enough power to take over. Do you question whether I can truly control you by phone?

You silly man; you have no idea! Prepare to give it up and to give it over.

You know it's time. You know I'm the one. You know you want this. You've hesitated long enough. Stop being a pussy and take the first steps to fulfilling your fantasies! I will make your fem Domme dreams come true.

Now, take your hand off that prick and call me for permission to continue.





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+