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The art of reducing a man to a helpless puddle of ecstatic joy is one practiced by dominant women everywhere. It's certainly an art that I, as a dominant woman, enjoy practicing, as often and as completely as I possibly can.

To take you from self assured confident male and render you into the perfect sex toy, the perfect submissive; to form from your willing flesh and mind a submissive slave devoted to his Mistress ... You are my art, my passion and my greatest desire. You will find your life's true meaning and purpose when you finally give up all your pretensions of power and will and kneel before me.

You and I both know that you want to kneel. You've spent so much of your life standing upright, putting on your oh-so-confident mask and pretending just as hard as you can that you know what's up. Like a game of imagine that's gone on too long, you've been working at being an adult, in charge and assured. We both know the truth, however.

It's just a mask, just a paper facade over your true being. You've been acting like the dominant alpha male for so long perhaps you've started to believe it's true. Right up until suddenly you're reminded that it's not true, you're not confident, assured or dominant. You're a little blustery dog yipping, yapping, and trying so hard to be a big dog.

I know exactly who and what you are. You're small inside, where it counts. Weak and vulnerable, and you want nothing more in the world than to finally be able to admit it out loud. To be seen as who and what you are on the inside. You want to take the paper mask off, to be bare and intimate. Truly intimate, deeply, passionately, erotically one with another.

You want to trust someone enough to be weak in front of them. You want to let it all go and not have to worry, plan, or pretend to have it all under control. I understand you, because I am the yin to your yang. I am the opposite that completes you; a strong woman who can control you, dominate you, take you over and bring you ecstasy.

What are you waiting for? Permission? The right time to submit? You have permission, and the time is now. Kneel.





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+