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As the story very much goes, many men, of all demographics, all pay-ranges and cock-sizes have a scathingly hot desire to be completely controlled and dominated by the right kind of intellectual, assertive and most importantly, sexy and tittilating female that knows where boundaries are, and how far to push PAST those pre-conceived notions of sexual borders.

I am Miss Tabetha, your newest pulsating addiction, arrayed with seemingly innocent blonde-hair and pouty lips that nearly deceives so many others seeking femdom, where a little purring pussy like mine will greatly relish in controlling and absolutely smothering in domination, your nearly equally as-pouty face in the extremely near future.

You are mine for the taking. You are mine for the control and utter use of your body, fingers, lips, tongue, cock, feet and anything else I desire at a kinky notice. You are my perfectly obedient cock boy that has NO idea what he's about to get himself into...;) but dares step closer still....

Maybe I should break out a whip, or my not-so-fuzzy REAL handcuffs to start testing out the willing and able gent that's about partake in this nearly intoxicating spectrum of sexual colors so real they have to be seen AND believe and experience for yourself...

Talk to you soon....ta-ta...for now ;)~

Miss Tabetha





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+