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Overtaken by your desire to control others? So, your only gratification, release is under the firm command of a Sensual but unwavering Mistress?

I suspect that proper training will expose your true subservience as you succumb to my "50 Shades of Anna" initiation. I will meticulously peel away and expose your true subservient nature, and this need of yours to serve me will start to pervade so many areas of your life. Pleasing and pampering me will be central to your life. It is through your service to me that you attain emotional and erotic freedom. When you no longer must choose and are under the spell of my tutelage and care then your unrequited release can be purely experienced.

Subservience transmutes into many forms. Many forms of worship, desire and denial. The tip of a cane, the heel of my boot, a gilded cage that encloses your cock or perhaps the silky secret of female lingerie that I make you discreetly wear to work.

The FIRM sensuality of my directives may lead you to new unrealized paths that you have never explored. It is through my instructions, restrictions, and directions that you will crawl this winding path. The journey will evolve your true subservient nature and ultimately your freedom in worshiping me.

I welcome and do not condemn most fetishes. Even those that are considered very bizarre or extreme. If the fetish is legal you need not fear rejection or judgement of your needs.





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+