All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+




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The ever enticingly complex world of Femdom has always attracted men, who for the most part are in total control and are in complete charge of their every day life. Be it as a CEO, Lawyers, Doctors, Wolves of Wall Street... They all come to me, and are transformed.

North American Women are super bossy as it is, but all you UK lads understand that women are superior and must be bowed to and obeyed The Queen has taught you this, so from birth you are trained to to be submissive to a woman. I lived in London, UK for about two years and I LOVE how aggressive British women can be. Well done! Being from the UK you are already primed and ready to submit.

If any of you are new and inexperienced submissives perhaps you harbor a Cross Dressing fetish? I will take it slow and lead you to a world of untold submissive pleasures. Are you an experienced sub? I can push you even further. I'm highly skilled as a lifestyle Mistress.

Enter my world, and leave all of life's complex hardships at the door, together with your inhibitions. and stiff upper lip habit.

Surrender to the ultimate pleasure of submitting to Alina Sky's brand of erotic, rich and fulfilling brand of Domination, I will leave you breathless and spent. Your body, your soul, and your mind will be under my tantalizing spell as you deliciously submit to me, give yourself over, all of your control evaporating, because, here and now, this is MY world, and I own this realm, and you, without question.

How will you give yourself to me, completely? I'm so glad you've asked me that! There are endless ways of submitting and worship.

I can control, own and manipulate the way you touch yourself, EVERY stroke and nuance will be initiated in the EXACT way I want it. Do you crave feminization, shading your male persona only to become a pretty girl for me? Do you feel the hunger, the need, to be bare, before a fully clothed mistress, who is superior to you in every way? When you are at my feet, naked and vulnerable, you finally understand that this is what you were missing your whole life.

I will delve into the darkest most secretive areas of your mind. Nothing will be hidden from me. I will take over your heart and your soul, and craft you into what you were always meant to be. Mine. My creation, My plaything, My submissive.

The only words you will utter is "Yes, Mistress" unless I've instructed you otherwise.

The Alina Sky Femdome Experience is a Path Of Enlightenment as well, for many of my submissives.

Here are some of what we can explore in your Femdome Sessions with Me:

~Female Supremacy
~Full Spectrum Feminization
~Goddess Worship
~ Full spectrum Cuckolding
~Body Worship (Including face sitting and smothering)
~Footdome, Foot worship, shoe and foot fetish
~Strap On Training, Dildo Training
~ Discipline, physical and otherwise. (Full Spectrum Spanking)
~Cock and Ball restraints and Punishments/Discipline
~Masturbation conditioning, Orgasm withholding
~ Bandage, Restrains, Collars
~ Sissification, Cross Dressing
~CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male)
~ Slave Training and Coerced Bi
~ Humiliation, sensual to extreme
~ Chastity Training
~ Edging, Tease and Denial.
~Tantric Masturbation Instructions, Cum Eating Instructions
~Tantric Teachings, to enhance your sexual capabilities and please your Goddess better.

And any combination of the above can be practiced as well.

You have entered my kingdom, my realm and my universe. You will finally realize your full potential and know what it means to be owned and guided by a celestial entity of my caliber.

This is where your life has led you. I am your guide to all things Femdom. Welcome to the next level.

Welcome to the Alina Sky FemDom By Phone Experience.





All charges in US dollars $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum / Must Be 18+