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Ten Rules In A Femdom Relationship

by Ms. Christine of

If you are going to enter into a Femdom/submissive relationship, you should know the rules going in…

1. Respect for ALL Women

Isn’t this obvious? Even if you’re a switch, you do know that women are the superior sex, don’t you? Have you ever heard of a woman – even a submissive one – needing “pussy control”? If anything, all that mean is we have the pussy, so we have control! And of course, there’s the whole fact that we can cum multiple times, whereas after one, you’re usually done.

2. Submission to Femdom Authority

We are superior, so we get to be in control. In many Femdom household, you’re going to be at the bottom of the pecking order, even your Mistress’ submissive females will have authority over you. Your only goal should be to obey whatever Mistress – or any other female – commands of you and to please her as best you can.

3. Service to Femdom Mistress

Service to your Mistress can take many forms, not just sexual ones. She may need you to take care of her boots and other fetish wear, or hand wash her panties and lingerie. Proper, obedient service even when the task isn’t sexual at all will please her and might lead to rewards. Of course, that’s all up to her!

4. Femdom Body Worship

Get this straight. You are never, ever, going to fuck your Mistress. That’s why she has Bulls with great big cocks! So, you should learn how to properly worship her body. From foot worship to full body massages, even Queennng, make sure your hands, mouth and tongue can bring her the pleasure that your dick never will!

5. Obedience Training & Discipline

You will make mistakes, your performance will be lacking, and it is your Mistress’ responsibility to correct your behavior. Sometimes with spankings, paddling and canings, sometimes with humiliating task, sometimes with chastity or banishment. There are even going to be times when it has nothing to do with punishment, it’s just a lesson in obedience and reinforcing your place.

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6. Femdom Tease & Denial

Every Femdom Mistress I know is a cocktease at heart! She will tease you and bring you to the edge, over and over again, until you are desperate and begging to cum. Accept her decision. You have given her control of your cock and your orgasms.

7. Enforced Male Chastity & Strict Orgasm Control

Of course #6 leads us to this one. She will lock your cock up in a chastity cage. Why? Because she knows you are a masturbation addict and are not to be trusted with your own cock. Even you know it, that’s why you asked her to control your cock in the first place. Orgasms are to be earned, and she’ll decide when you’ve pleased her enough to deserve one.

8. Femdom Strap-On Training

One of the most submissive gifts you can give your Mistress is your ass. Giving your Mistress your anal cherry is one of those special moments in a Femdom relationship, because not only are you giving her something no one else has ever had before – you’re giving her your masculinity.

9. Humiliation From Your Femdom

You will come into your D/s relationship with limits. Pushing those limits, even expanding upon them is great for both of you. It may be uncomfortable to suck that first cock, or dress up in panties and a bra, but she gets to show you something that you never experienced before, and you might discover something that really turns you on.

10. Cuckolding From Your Femdom

Your pathetic penis is never going to satisfy your Mistress. She will have lovers - we talked about that in #4. Now, how involved that gets is between the two of you. Maybe she meets her lovers elsewhere and shares the stories with you, maybe you’re in the other room while she screams and moans, or maybe you’re her fluffer and her clean-up cuck afterwards. The point is, expect to be cuckolded.

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