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What Does A Mistress Do?

So, you stumbled upon our amazing sites and spent some time looking around at the many gorgeous women. You know who you like, though you aren’t sure what to say, after all this is your first time and you aren’t sure what a Mistress is, let alone what she does! Of course, you don’t want to just ask someone, so here you are and I’m going to help you. Now tell me, when you hear the word Mistress, what do you think of? A woman who is kept by a married man? Oh no! We are not that kind of Mistress at all! We are the kind of women who control everything you do with your cock, actually with our cock.

Within the BDSM community the relationship between a Dominant partner and a submissive partner hinges on a variety of choices and needs. A Mistress, also known at a Dominatrix or FemDom is more than just the female version of a Master. Female dominance, however, is the essence of who we as Mistresses are, but what does this dominant female do for you and/or to you.

Orgasm Control

First of all a Mistress controls orgasms. This for men can be the ultimate in control over their body. Not being allowed to climax without permission. Orgasm control can take a variety of forms and we have many ideas on exactly how to make this the ultimate in complete control. Guided masturbation, edging, tease and denial are all ways a Mistress controls your orgasm, not to mention cock teasing with no relief or the excitement of ruining your orgasm. Those are always fun, allowing you to race toward that happy ending only to ruin it for you in the end by snatching it away.

These are the most common forms of orgasm control, though a Mistress can also do something more extreme if you can’t follow directions. Mistresses have no problem telling their friends all about your cock issues and even making you perform at parties to show them, as well as locking you up if your control is lacking. After all, it is kind of the job of a Mistress to ensure your ability to follow directions and if you need a chastity device in order to do that, well then we have no qualms with finding the perfect one for you and keeping you in complete denial until we feel you should be released. Your cock is ours, you need to just face it . *giggle*

Femdom Mistresses Currently Available

Girl Friend, Therapist, Dating Coach

A Mistress isn’t just a woman who controls your cock though. Being women, gorgeous and controlling women, we understand that sometimes you need to talk and what you need does matter to us. Some men are looking for a girl friend to shop and try on make up with, which we adore doing, by the way. A woman to talk with about feminine desires and hopes, we can guide you down the path of being more feminine and sexy in a “girly” way or just help pick out the best lipstick color to go with your new dress. Mistresses also encourage you to improve your sex life and often our means of controlling your cock will in the end help you to learn to control yourself in many ways. This can improve your dating skills and change your life in ways you may not have even considered.

For many men a Mistress is also someone who understands without judgment what he needs and wants. We all have fantasies and dirty little secrets that we keep deep inside of us. Many of them never ripple to the surface except for in a quick moment of desire, they race through your mind and push you over the edge into that amazing orgasm. But other fantasies, grab hold of us and insist we give them attention. Not every man who wears panties is comfortable telling the world, in fast most aren’t. If you ache to be tied up and teased with a whip or fucked with a strap on, you aren’t alone, but it can certainly feel like you are when everyone around you is keeping their dirty little secrets to themselves too. Your Mistress is someone you can tell. When you talk to a Mistress, you find that you can tell her anything. She isn’t going to analyze you like a doctor, or question you like a wife, she is just going to listen and maybe even help you play out some of those fantasies in an erotic role play.

What does a Mistress do? As you can see this isn’t a question that has a simple answer. A Mistress does many things and each of them is tailored to the person she is talking with at the time. No Mistress is exactly the same with everyone, though our personalities and methods are similar, what you need matters and what a Mistress does is find out those needs then make you face them, even if she has to insist.

Femdom Mistresses Currently Available