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What is Bondage?

While this may seem like the most obvious answer in the world Bondage is not as black and white as it may at first seem. There are various shades of gray in even something so seemingly simple. After all we are all different and not everyone is excited by the same kinds of things. Bondage can be a few different things, chained to a wall, all wrapped up or maybe just caught up. So which kind is it that you are seeking?

Whips and Chains Excite You

This is the most commonly thought of type when it comes to Bondage. Hear that word and everyone can call to mind a man chained to a wall, naked save for a cock cage or maybe some small leather thong covering his cock and balls. There is a inevitably a Mistress, large breasts, long legs black leather outfit, sexy as hell and just as dangerous standing over him with a whip. He’s captured, unable to move away from whatever she has decided to do to or with him.

Very hot, yes. Do we sometimes love to slip into the black leather and pull out the whips? Oh yes! This is one of the types of bondage every Mistress can grow to love. The dungeon, or maybe just a wall in the bedroom with the cuffs connected to it, keeping you all chained up and ready for us whenever we want to use you. *giggle* Oh yes, that is fun. Even if we only leave you there for a little while, the intense excitement from being truly chained up will stay with you for hours or maybe even days afterwards.

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All Wrapped Up

But what if you really need to be in complete bondage? Oh yes being chained up is fairly complete, but I mean so entangled that you may never free yourself. This can be very exciting for some into this other aspect of the bondage fetish. This is the extreme tying up and putting into bondage, almost as if you have been cocooned, with ropes or plastic wrapped all around you, keeping you immobile. Come into the web of the spider and have yourself all tangled and twisted and completely under the control of a woman who will have her wicked way with you. It’s the feeling of almost suffocating, of running to a clothesline of wet blankets that seem to reach out their arms and pull you in, stopping you from escaping.

This bondage is complete and leave no room for you to wiggle, often times, when a hood and ball gag are involved there is not even an opportunity for you to negotiate your freedom, you are blind, all your senses controlled by the Mistress. Hot, breathing slowly, you feel nothing except the wrapping, see nothing, taste nothing, and whatever she decides to play with you, you are will go along, as there is no other choice.

Tangled in Emotions

Then there is the very least obvious but sometimes most intense form of bondage. Emotional bondage doesn’t involve ropes or chains, there is no straight jacket or leather hood with a ball gag attached to it. Often times your Mistress never even raises her voice, speaking to you gently and pulling you in to her plans. This doesn’t require leather boots and a whip or even for her to be there in the room with you. In fact, there is no distance that is too great for you to capture you with her words. This bondage uses your needs and desires to keep you exactly where a Mistress wants you to be. You want to make her happy, to please your Mistress; disappointment in her voice devastates you and the desire keep that from happening will have you doing anything and everything.

This is the ultimate bondage, the need to make your Mistress happy with you. Your emotions become the chains that bind you and her voice the sticky inescapable spider web that holds you in place. Unlike the others there is no definitive ending. Being physically restrained always has a point where it ends. Your Mistress releases you from the dungeon and the session is complete. Emotional bondage can go on and on and on.

Bondage in and of itself is not one thing. This is the beauty of this and many other fetishes, you can tailor it to be what is most exciting for you. There are so many ways to be under the control of a Femdom Mistress, to be in Bondage and these three are just that, three of many. There is no simple definition of what bondage is, but this can at least guide you onto the path.

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