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What is Subspace?

You’ve heard the word before, or maybe you haven’t, but what does it mean? Is it something that belongs in a Sci Fi Fetish? Something about zero gravity and space ships? Or maybe you’re a Trekkie and you know for certain it’s a term used to describe moving faster than the speed of light. Hey it’s true! It’s also true that if you remember Algebra class you’ve heard this term, but that’s not sexy at all is it? It’s also not a video game or a song - Well it is, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. So you know that “subspace” has to mean something else here to us. We are all about the sexy after all and certainly aren’t planning to teach you Algebra or watch Science Fiction television with you. Though some of us might like that too!

No, we are talking about subspace in the BDSM world. This term sounds random and simple, maybe even kind of cute. It reminds us of lots of other things, but what it really is, is something very important and serious to a submissive partner in the BDSM scene. Subspace is an incredibly intense moment for a submissive during BDSM play.

An Extreme High

This is an extreme high for a submissive and is sometimes called floating or flying. When speaking with a sub about this experience it’s been described to me as a “High like no other.” Much like taking a drug slipping into subspace, makes you feel everything and nothing all at once. In BDSM this can be amazingly exciting and desirable but also incredibly dangerous. The essence of the relationship between a Dominant and a submissive partner in a scene is control. While we all know this is a power exchange with the submissive allowing themselves to be dominated, this can change to something more dangerous and potentially harmful once they enter subspace. This makes the trust between the two partners even more important.

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Addicted to the Feeling

The beauty of subspace however is this feeling of complete release. When you are the submissive partner in a relationship, most often you are not looking to top from the bottom. You want the power exchange to be known but ignored. To see yourself as controlled by another person completely. Subspace allows the submissive partner to slip into this state of being. A mind set if you will, that allows them to give themselves over totally. Both physically and emotionally, for some this is even a spiritual experience! It allows the sub to feel every moment of the submission. To submerse themselves in being Dominated to the point that they feel the sensations not only in their body, but throughout.

For many submissive players there is nothing better than reaching subspace. They strive for it, seeking it out and even becoming addicted to the feeling of being there. Reaching subspace is done essentially by the same endorphins we feel rushing through our veins whenever we feel something especially good. However it is a huge rush of them at once, enough that the submissive experiences a feeling of euphoria. They slip into a state of mental paradise, where everything feels and seems to be wonderful and perfect and they feel that they enjoy more fully every moment with their Dominant partner.

Dangers of Total Submission

While the ultimate goal for many who consider themselves submissive is to be controlled completely, this can be dangerous. Much like any other addiction that initially feels good, it can easily become a problem. When you give yourself completely to someone in a BDSM scene, your Dominant partner is aware of your boundaries and they will not be crossed without your say so. However being in a altered state of mind that is subspace can cause you to encourage a Dominant to do more and go further without really even knowing what you are doing.

How can this happen? When your mental state is altered by this euphoric rush of endorphins it acts very much like morphine! You lose all sensation of pain, everything becomes fuzzy and far away. It’s as if you are experiencing every moment of the BDSM play through a beautiful rose colored glass. It feels too good to imagine ever hurting and sometimes, especially with someone new to BDSM play it can allow you to let the scene progress further than you may have originally wanted.

While Subspace is a highly desirable place to reach, make sure you are experienced and prepared for it and that your Dominant partner is someone you can trust. A Mistress will never push your boundaries to please herself, but if you are in subspace you might want her to. So, always let a Mistress know if this is something you have done or are trying to do. Then you can both enjoy the scene, feel and adore every moment of it and if you slip into subspace, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

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