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Why You Need a Masturbatrix!

That’s right, YOU need a Masturbatrix! Don’t worry it’s only obvious to every Mistress around, I’m sure there are some people who have no idea, but we can tell. After all, it is us you turn to when you want to discuss your stroking desires. Everyone has them, but you have brought yourself to the attention of a Mistress - or if you happen to have just arrived and are reading this before choosing a phone sex Mistress - then you are about to do just that! You see once you tell a Mistress about how much you love to stroke, you let us know that you need a Masturbatrix. But now you want to know why that is, well I’m going to tell you. Yes, we know that this sounds like one of the things you can handle on your own. Seeing as you have been masturbating, and rather successfully you probably believe, for years. But trust me, you need a Masturbatrix!

You Love to Stroke

First of all you love to stroke your cock. Masturbating is fun and exciting, for everyone honestly. But you can’t just sit and play with that prick all the time. After all you are a man, so your control, once you have your hand on your cock, is seriously lacking most of the time. A masturbatrix knows that and will make sure you get a good grip, so to speak, on your stroking.

Don’t worry this doesn’t mean you are suddenly going to have your cock locked up and not be able to stroke at all. Oh no! On the contrary a Masturbatrix loves masturbation herself and wouldn’t dream of keeping you from it…Not for any length of time that is. Though she might tell you to pace yourself. It isn’t much fun to play with someone who is racing to the finish line. So, your Masturbatrix will certainly coach you in to slowing down and enjoying the experience. This will benefit you and any women you may decide to do a mutual masturbation session with her at some point in the future.

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Benefits for You

So that is one of the benefits of having a Masturbatrix and honestly why you need one as far as your future goes. Learning to slow down and enjoy the ride, not just go as fast as you can is a wonderful skill to have when you want a woman to actually WANT to be with you. Oh you know someone will eventually agree to have sex with you, or maybe already has, but if you are racing then she’s not really enjoying it. A Masturbatrix only plays if she gets to have fun too, so you will learn to take that into great consideration or risk not having much fun yourself. Unlike some women, she isn’t going to just let you stroke and moan while she wishes something were happening for her! After all, we love to watch, but who cares about just seeing your hand go up and down as fast as possible, you have to make it interesting. Or actually, you need your Masturbatrix to teach you how to make it interesting.

Stroking games teach you control and since we love cock control, and you want to please your mistress or Masturbatrix in this case, you’ll learn to follow directions and do the right thing to make her happy. This doesn’t mean that you don’t already know how to stroke your cock, it means that you are in such a hurry to cum that you aren’t enjoying the stroking and you need a Masturbatrix to teach you a few tricks. Think how much sweeter it will be in the end.

Waiting leads to the ultimate orgasm

You see your Masturbatrix does know that the ultimate goal, no matter how you get there is to cum and reigning you in is just part of the fun. Even if you don’t care about pleasing a partner (though you should, unless you plan for it to be just you and your hand for a good long time) you still need to know that prolonging your stroking will make the orgasm even better for YOU. So if it’s all about you, you need a Masturbatrix to guide you and take you down that road of stroking and edging and edging again, until you just cannot wait a moment longer and simply must have that release.

See, there are many reasons why you need a Masturbatrix. Tips and guidance being only the beginning, when you count in learning to wait and making a woman happy as well as intensifying your orgasm, it seems silly to think that you ever believed you didn’t need help. So, you need a Masturbatrix, I knew you’d see it our way.

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